Two Main Child Development Milestones of Religious Acceptance and Respect

Child development milestones are a foundation for learning. These are areas the child needs to reach in order to fully grasp the concept being taught. For example, understanding that there are numbers and letters and that each is different is important. However, children need to further understand how numbers and letters interact with each other and how they build to form a language. With that thought in mind, consider the very important milestones young children need to come to grasp with when it comes to educating the child on religious acceptance.

Two Milestones

Many people do not realize that there are two very distinct milestones that occur in early childhood development that focus on the child’s ability to fully accept and respect people of other faiths. However, this is a critical step in their development. Take a look at the two different levels of child development milestones you should be working towards with your child.

1. The child needs to learn that there are other religions in the world outside of what he or she is being taught at home. In this particular milestone, the child understands that there are other religions and, at the same time, respects that fact and understands the concept.

2. The second element is for the child to accept the people of those other faiths. In this secondary child development milestone, the child is willing and able to engage in discussions with others of another religion to understand that person’s views and beliefs. The goal here is not to debate the merits of the other religions. It is to respect their choices and not to judge those faiths. At the same time, the child needs to understand the intricacies of his or her own faith at the same level.

This is a big deal and it is something you should focus on as you work towards educating your child. The difference between respecting someone’s faith and respecting people of other faiths is different. However, the topic is also very hard to explain to a child of any age. One of the best ways to do so, then, is to work closely with the programs and lessons offered on early child development. These type of programs can help to provide you with the resources, information and even the education you need to help move your child towards a spiritually healing place.

Child development milestones are critical for your child to reach. Most children learn through the example their parents and teachers set. It is important for parents, then, to fully understand the goals of these two very different milestones and to act appropriately as such. The overall goal is not to make children feel as if they need to feel out of place, but it is to give them the information and tools they need to respect and accept people of all faiths. Your child reaching this milestone is one you can be proud of, especially since it is something many simply do not try to do.


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