Information About Telecommunications Providers Network Maps

Network maps are applications that provide lens onto data, which is combined with a sales professional knowledge before being converted into useful information. This helps to rapidly improve customer service. Telecommunications providers network maps use Hyperbolic Tree viewer to display service information contained in a conventional relational database. These displays are very engaging and involve users by drawing them into their data. This helps them to propose evolutionary paths for a large telecommunications services.Most telecommunication companies form a consultative relationship with their clients. This helps to optimize, modernize and intelligently manage all their services. Also, by having a broad overview of their services these companies easily coordinate customer services across several locations. It is very difficult to achieve such high customer expectation by using tabular displays, since they are limited to about a square meter.By using these applications the account representative communities are able to view the regularly updated representations of the voice and data services. Also, it becomes easy to analyze the strategic needs of the client. This is done through preparation of sales meeting and research on potential solutions.Network Maps that use two tier architecture, allow users to modify data through a WWW browser. The modules may be contained in either several small accounts or a single large one. Whichever the case, these models designate an account representative, contact information and identify customers for each account.Portfolio generators run at predefined intervals. All the modules and series of queries of each account are managed by the program. For each account using hierarchical data organization the map processes the data. Then, the portfolio which contains a series of data file and HTML is later assembled. After all this is done the account representative may be able to download completed portfolio when need arises.Additionally, using these applications, account representatives can make notes that are outside the corporate data repositories on their local machine. The representatives can later download the entire set of notes about an account to their machines when they reconnect to the Network Map server. This feature has enabled team members share notes about individual accounts. For instance, when account representatives download portfolios to their laptops, the information may be accessed locally without any further network connection. Such information can be used to analyze the service of the customers in the field or office.Some people think that network Maps are information presentation tools which on the surface produce no value. However after using these tools for some time, these people realize that it supports the future directions of businesses through evolution of telecommunications and consultative selling. At the same time, these maps support several different points in analyzing an account.Telecommunications providers network maps makes the process of creating a service map much easier and less time consuming. Productivity measures justify the development costs of these applications. Cost cutting mindsets use such statements of business value. The benefits of these applications lie in the ability of the service providers to obtain synoptic views of their customers which helps them plan for their future needs in a sales program. After getting detailed information of a client, service providers enter into long term relationships to provide total solutions rather than point solutions.

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